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I love to turn cre8ive concepts into a visual reality, and like to work closely with my clients to do this. I use photography as my start point, and then take those images into Photoshop to blend together, layer, add light, shadow, colour, texture - anything that is required to get to the final image. Sometimes this may be achieved with a single image, other times it may require complex layering of multiple images. That is the joy of this type of work - it's different every time, and different with every client.

Below are a couple of examples of design work I have done recently, each taking a different approach.

John Beagley Album Cover - Uncommunicated

The theme for John's album revolved around the frustration we all feel with todays electronic forms of communication - despite all the technological advances, we are probably more distant to each other than we have ever been. I tried to pick up this theme, using visual metaphors such as the telephone and the self-censoring of each main communication channel we have as humans - sight, hearing and speech. The track list is embedded in a mass of other text to symbolise how important messages can get lost in the volume of communications we all now receive. And finally, the back cover was a shot of John screaming at the frustration of it all - this frustration amplified by the added motion blur.

Kontroversi Promo Image

Having seen my image called 'Blown Away', the band approached me about doing something similar with 'levitation' style photography. This involved taking a background shot, then pictures of each component, and layering them on top of each other. Mark, the keyboard player, is actually made up of 5 images - head and right arm, left arm, body, left leg and right leg. In order to get him 'levitating' he had to stand on a small step ladder and hold the position for each element. the ladder was then masked out. Leo, the guitarist, was just standing on a ladder, but his right leg is a separate shot so that it could be shown to 'dangle'. Each piece of equipment was held up by one of the guys (who was then masked out), and the final touch was add the lighting - turning a day scene into night and adding moonlight etc.

If you pull the slider from left to right you can see what we started with, and then how we finished up.

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